Handmade Kokeshi

Handmade Kokeshi

Sure, I love cool technology like 3D printers but I think I love watching people make their crafts by hand even more.

Zeno effect verified - atoms won't move while you watch

October 23, 2015   Science

One of the oddest predictions of quantum theory – that a system can't change while you're watching it – has been confirmed in an experiment by Cornell physicists.

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Belgian scientists unlock revolutionary potential in lager yeasts

September 29, 2015   Beer Science

Disappointment and boredom with the uniform taste of lagers has seen many brewers turn to new ales for taste and diversity in recent years, but could this become a thing of the past after researchers at a Belgian university discovered how to produce variety and aroma in lager yeast strains. In work...

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You Suck at Cooking

September 24, 2015   Funny Food Video

Now this is my kind of cooking show! If you want to get more good at cooking things, watch now.

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Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO!

September 10, 2015   Apps Games Video

You know I'm going to play the crap out of this game when it comes out!

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Jason Segel on The End of the Tour with David Fear

September 8, 2015   Movies Video Nerdy

How do you portray one of the defining writers of a generation? Jason Segel does just that in the eagerly awaited Sundance hit The End of the Tour.

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Studio Ghibli music video for Chage & Aska’s “On Your Mark”

September 4, 2015   Animation Art Japan Music Video

We’re sure nearly all of our readers have, at the very least, heard of Studio Ghibli. You’ve probably seen a few — or even most — of their films, but we’d be surprised if many have seen everything the company has produced. But don’t take that the wrong way! We’re not questioning...

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World Order goes to Chinatown

August 12, 2015   Art Japan Music Video

World Order heads to Yokohama's amazing Chinatown for their newest video. But wheres Genki?

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Amazing GIFs of Japanese Life

July 27, 2015   Animation Art Japan

An amazing artist that I can only find reference to as 1041uuu has made some really amazing and thoughtful animated vignettes of Japanese life.

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Don't forget to breathe!

July 8, 2015   Funny

Sometimes life can take it's toll on you. You should always remember to take time and focus on yourself. I find that guided meditation is really helpful.

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The Gorburger Show

July 6, 2015   Funny Video Music

This is just another one of those "why the hell didn't I know about this before" things.

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My first day with Apple's new streaming music service

July 1, 2015   Music Technology

Yesterday, along with an iOS update Apple released their new music streaming service. At first glance it seems that it doesn't bring anything new to the table but since the first 3 months are free I decided to see how it stacks up to Spotify (which I use on a daily basis). For the most part I have...

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